Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Back to journalism

A big freelance commission from the Evening Standard. I've said yes - I hope I won't regret it. Of course I can fit it in alongside a full time job and my PhD research. I have to confess it's a year and a half since I actually last wrote anything larger than a blog entry and I've written more module guides than double page spreads for the past three years. But I felt a bit of a thrill as I opened my contact book (no iPhone contact lists, thanks). I felt a bit less of a thrill when I realised some of the people in my book had left the industry or, even in one or two cases, died. My shorthand is woeful and my interview technique rusty. I've got a lot to do to get back into journalism. My students are far more in practice than I am. But journalism is like riding a bike.. you never forget. I hope.

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  1. Actually, you can forget how to ride a bike... I had a nasty Isadora Duncan moment last week when a stray shoelace got caught in the bike chain, then wrapped itself round the pedal a couple of times. Well done on getting the Standard commission, but don't work too hard.