Sunday, 21 February 2010

Thumbs up for Observer revamp

The revamped Observer is, I think, a success. It's physically a much tidier read, with fewer sections (goodbye, Escape and Business & Media), so less of it risks going in the bin. The new 7 days section is great for busy readers who haven't had time to catch up in the week but its key role is to provide context and analysis. This is what Sunday newspapers should be doing a lot more of. The web is for breaking news and the paper is for comment. It's hard to dish the habits of a lifetime but weaning themselves off the idea that every newspaper has to have all the news is something all journalists need to work at. But one question for Observer Editor John Mulholland. Where have the travel pages gone? Can't Observer readers afford to go anywhere anymore?

And finally.. some personal progress news. I got my research methods assignment back from my tutor at Sheffield with a high mark. Which must mean I was not wrong in pointing out the shortcomings of the research paper I was asked to critique, which I can now name as... Curran et al, Media system, public knowledge and democracy - a comparative study